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Allergen Management

Allergen Management

Custom Adaptive

With Custom Adaptive, our Hosptality EPOS software is completly different to traditional systems. It has been designed for how we work in the 21st Centrury, and will expand as you need it to.

2% of the UK population are food allergen sufferers and almost 30% have some sort of intolerance. That’s a lot of customers dying to eat out but who are afraid to do so. With Custom Adaptive EPOS we help you attract new customers. Allergens are tracked from your menu, through customer orders, and to the kitchen. Takeaway orders can also include printed allergen details. Grow your customer base and reduce your risk.

For takeaways and deliveries, our CALM label management to produce item labels for each takeaway item as and when it is required, or in batches when food is made and placed on shelves. Ensure nothing gets muddled when waiting for collection, and give ingredients and allergy information to your customers as required by Regulation 1169/2011. Full ingredient, pricing and lifetime details are easily managed on our web interface.

Every dish on your menu or item in your counters requires the allergen information to be available.

  • You can no longer state that you don't know if an allergen is present
  • You can no longer state that anything may contain anything
  • Oral statements may not be sufficient
  • Staff need to be aware of the implications