Electronic Blackboards

Traditional look, hi-tec features

Fully dynamic content on a traditional looking blackboard. Handwritten menu boards are a thing of the past. Our displays use LCD screens and wooden frames to give you self-updating content with the rustic feal.
Ideal for specials boards, allowing the list of specials to change based on meal time and also availability.
Automatically update from your breakfast menu to your lunch menu at exactly the right time, without needing to run around with chalk or pens.

Traditional Look
  • Wooden frames
  • Blackboard style content
  • Chalk fonts available
  • Perfect for daily specials boards
Menu Content
  • Space saving (more content in less area)
  • Time of day Breakfast/Lunch/Evening menus
  • Remove meals based on availability
  • Day of week, time of day filtering
Advanced Features
  • Menu calendar for custom menu rotation
  • Location, Area or Group level content
  • Animated food images and boundaries
  • Integraed with our EPOS systems to automatically updates Specials based on stock availability
Blackboards are a key part of pub and garden center restaurants. Our electronic Blackboard (EBlack) systems are designed to fit in, but bring all the benefits of modern displays right where you need them most.

We can supply screens to meet your size and area requirements, and build custom brackets and frames if needed. Options for you to purchase or rent.
All Custom Adaptive menu systems include ingredient, nutritional and allergy information and are multi-lingual. Products are priced for the smaller establishment, but also include optional extras for larger corporatates, such as franchise handling, multi-level update permissions, management information, and service options. This way, smaller companies don't pay over the odds for what they don't want, but larger companies have the solutions they expect.

Why Custom Adaptive ?

As a service based company, we care about our customers over the long term. Full ongoing support is included whatever your skillset, meaning you can get on with your business and let us take care of you.
Initial menu design, and full management of ongoing updates are included.

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