Electronic Menu browsing for customers at the table

Multi-lingual interface allows customers to view and order in their own language. Includes menu groups and item options. Orders sent to kitchen printers or POS systems. Out of stock items cannot be ordered, preventing embarrassment to staff. Secure overnight charging draws also available.
Improved customer service
  • Unavailable items removed avoiding customer confusion
  • Correct time of day handling, so no looking at the wrong menu
  • Customers can order directly on the tablet, giving more efficient use of staff time
  • Call waiter button makes it easier to request staff attention when the restaurant is busy
  • Visible order status avoids customers not knowing what is happening with their order
Informed Customers
  • Multi Lingual support
  • Full product details with pictures /video
  • Unavailable items removed avoiding confusion
  • Order status shown back to customers avoiding 'how much longer' questions
  • Customers can view their receipt and pay at the table
For the restaurant
  • Full ingredient and allergy information is available on every dish in all supported languages, covering you for the ingredient labeling laws EU 1169/2011.
  • Full support for all nutrition information covers you for the nutritional law changes.
  • Order status shown back to customers avoiding 'how much longer' questions
In being multi lingual, full support for the menu in multiple langugaes is included, allowing customers to look at descriptions in their own language. The link to EPOS or stock status ensures you never sell what you dont have, and allow order tacking and feedback direct to the customer.

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