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Looking forward to… the future, of course

The restaurant of the future (Restaurant 2.0) will be quite different. As restaurant brands evaluate their post COVID-19 strategies, they will be forced to adjust, on the fly, and try to satisfy new consumer expectations while driving as much revenue as they can.

Tomorrow’s fully connected restaurants will be able to make easy sense of the enormous amounts of data they generate each day to change how they serve customers, engage staff and run the back office.

The restaurant of the future has a lot to look forward to—improved efficiencies through automation, bolstered profits, a more exciting customer experience. The key to successful implementation will lie somewhere in knowing when to embrace a new idea.

All of our technologies seamlessly integrate with other the SIMPLE digital platform from text to chat to voice to social media. We developed our solutions to easily work with other digital, voice technologies, like smartphone AIs, smart TVs, smart fridges, Social Media communications, you name it. If it’s smart, aka a digital device, then our technologies can connect with it.

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Our platform has been diligently developed, carefully crafted, and rigorously reiterated to fulfill your needs. The entire Custom Adaptive team is thoroughly committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. As a company committed to excellence, your success is our purpose.

Harry Haralambos
Lobster Pot Fish and Chips Takeaway

Wow - Custom Adaptive put time of day pricing on our complete system, reducing customer confusion and increasing our margins. Website, online ordering, digital menu boards, and EPOS system all changing at exactly the same time throughout the day.

Shorif Ali
The Fat Buddha Indian Restaurant

We want to control every aspect of the business to the penny, and we want to expand quickly. To do that we need to have the right tools. With Custom Adaptive as our IT solutions provider - It gives us full control of what’s going on in the business.

Perio Mingola
Bianco Nero Italian Restaurant

It’s a simple, modern, continually developing solution that integrates easily with other systems.

Where the world sees problems - we see opportunities

Introducing Natashas Law

For millions of allergy sufferers, Natasha's Law can't come soon enough.
businesses in England to include full ingredients labelling on food that is Pre-Packed for Direct Sale (PPDS).


Why Should Custom Adaptive Be Your Restaurant Technology Provider

Your business is important to you. If not, you wouldn’t still own it. So, you must make great decisions about your restaurant technology provider. You need a superior partner.

That’s why when you think about hiring a technology provider, Custom Adaptive want you to chose Custom Adaptive. But Custom Adaptive know you have lots of choices, so I thought Custom Adaptive should ansCustom Adaptiver your question, “Why should Custom Adaptive be your technology provider?”


Is Your Restaurant Tech Innovative Enough"

We know it is impossible to draw a direct correlation between innovative technology and business growth. There are many other factors at play. Use the wrong the innovative technology and you’ll fail to grow.