Digital Menu Boards

High definition animated displays

Add excitement to your menu displays, generate upsell with animation, time of day changes, and up-to-date content. Designed to handle all the modern requirements for display of menus and adverts, including many unique and advanced features, despite retaining a low price.
Show dynamic (live) content on your menu board.

Digital Menus
  • Save space (more content in less area)
  • Generate upsell (sell more vis eye catching movement)
  • Multi lingual content handled
  • Display your menu direct from the menu database
  • Template based, so very easy to update
  • Links to time of day and day of week for menu items
Advertising Content
  • Add your own adverts and promotion images/video
  • Can record "time shown" for paid adverts
  • Date range, day of week, time of day filtering
  • Include your hygene ratings etc
Advanced Features
  • Menu calendar for custom menu rotation
  • Location, Area or Group level content
  • Our media players works with almost any TV screen
  • Update remotely via the web, so no site vists needed
  • Menu displays will be resized and relaid out when items go out of stock
  • Integrate with EPOS systems for direct menu updates
  • Handles time of day, day of week, and location specific price changes
We offer fully managed content, so you don't need your own marketing department putting graphics together.

We can supply digital screens to meet your size and area requirements, with budget through to heavy use and video wall options. If needed, we can build custom brackets and frames if needed. Screens can be purchased or rented.
All Custom Adaptive menu systems include ingredient, nutritional and allergy information and are multi-lingual. Products are priced for the smaller establishment, but also include optional extras for larger corporatates, such as franchise handling, multi-level update permissions, management information, and service options. This way, smaller companies don't pay over the odds for what they don't want, but larger companies have the solutions they expect.

Why Custom Adaptive ?

As a service based company, we care about our customers over the long term. Full ongoing support is included whatever your skillset, meaning you can get on with your business and let us take care of you.
Initial menu design, and full management of ongoing updates are included.
If on a budget - You can use your own fitters, or even your own TV's.
We can advise on different screen types, for indoor, outdoor, window, or sunlight reflected areas.
We can sort out custom brackets, or even strange aspect ratio screens if required.

See Also

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Wooden frames keep the rustic look to your menu and specials boards.
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42" Standard Totem, with portrait screen.

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