Till Systems

Powerfull electronic tills, with add ons as you expand.

With Custom Adaptive, you can mix and match what you need, keeping your cost very low, but giving you the flexibility to increase efficiency as needed.
Basic package
  • Various Tills screens to fit your budget
  • Cashdraw included
  • X and Z reports
  • Receipt printer
  • Table and order management for hospitality
  • Additional Internet based Z report history
Hospitality package
  • Multiple hospitality tills can see and update each others orders
  • Kitchen orders can be sent to kitchen printers or order tracking screens
  • Ingedient Labels can be generated for takeaway/delivery
  • Delivery address lookup
  • Food carton label printing
  • Digital Menu Board integration
Add ons
  • Kitchen order printers
  • Kitchen order screens
  • Hand held staff order tablets (Hand-E-POS)
  • Digital signage integration

Low cost easy to use tills

We use android based touch screen tills, giving you a cheaper hardware solution than the traditional Windows based systems, but with all the benefits of being a full EPOS system. Easily find your menu items by scrolling through the menus with a swipe of your finger, rather than trying to find coloured buttons hidden on a tab somewhere as per traditional systems, which makes this system much easier to use than most tills or EPOS systems.
Start with one till, and expand as needed without throwing anything away.


Our tills include X and Z reports, which can be shown on screen or printed. Add more tills, hand held electronic order pads, or kitchen order tracking options to expand into a full EPOS solution as or when you need to.