Window Displays

Advertsing content in your window.

We have 2 different technologies for adding content to your windows, LED's and LCD panels.

LED window panels
  • Trans Glass technology
  • Made up from an array of LED's (1 per pixel). No LCD panel used.
  • Best viewed from long distances
  • Ideal for long distance adverts
  • Much brighter and expandable to almost any size wanted
  • Brightness from 1800 to 7000nix
  • when off, you can see past the LEDs to inside the building
LCD window panel
  • High brightness LCD technology
  • Best for close up viewing
  • Brightness from 500 to 1500nix
  • Ideal for shop windows for menus or specials
  • Uses high brightness TV screen. Black when off
  • For direct sunlight, 1500nix is recomended
  • For indirect sunlight, 750nix is recomended
  • For night time viewing, 400nix is needed
Prices on application, as it depends on screen size and brightness
Some of our customers use our Totems as a very low cost window display. Not suitable for bright daylight or direct sunlight, but works well at night.

See Also

42" Standard Totem, with portrait screen.

Available in black only. However - full custom polywrap available
Non touch - for signage use