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Gourment Chicken Company

The Gourmet Chicken Company is a small independent chicken restaurant based in the town centre of Maidenhead (Berkshire), specializing in Churrasco cajun chicken. It has 7 tables and covers 24 seats. It also offers takeaway and evening delivery.

With our solution, the following benefits have occurred:
Increase in the customer experience, More efficient use of staff, Quicker turn around at busy times, reducing queues, Elimination of end of day reporting headaches, Monthly turnover available on spreadsheets, Ongoing maintenance and support by Custom Adaptive and Automatic pricing of meal deal options

Executive Summary
Custom Adaptive was asked to supply a replacement till, as the existing EPOS unit was hard to update and use. The solution had to be cost effective for a small restaurant of this size. Challenges As the restaurant was getting busier, a lot of staff time was being lost due to writing orders on paper pads and then walking through a crowded restaurant to re-enter into the till and pass the order to the kitchen. A thriving take-away meant there was an increase in customers at specific times of the day and night. As the restaurant is small and gets very crowded at busy times, a single till was becoming a bottleneck.

How Our Products Helped
As it is small business, the solution needed to be affordable. Custom Adaptive installed a cost effective tablet based touch screen till, with cash-draw and receipt printer. We also added two further HandEPOS tablet based order terminals, which allow staff to take the order at the table or even in the take-away queue when busy, sending the order direct to the receipt printer in the kitchen area. The easy to use HandEPos system allows the staff to move quickly from table to table, person to person and avoids considerable time lost re-entering details from paper pads into a till, and avoids the need to go to the kitchen area with a copy of every order. Unlike most EPOS systems, the order entry follows the same menu layout that the staff are familiar with; so all items are easy and quick to find for untrained users. No delays trying to find the right button and no long learning curve as per traditional EPOS systems. Once the order has been entered, it is printed directly to the kitchen. Later, receipts and payment are quick with the touch of just one button on any of the screens or tablets to generate the customer receipt. The EPOS screen and the HandEPos tablets consolidate their orders so; at the end of the day, total taking, cash / credit card breakdowns and VAT summary are produced. These are recorded and exported to an Excel spreadsheet via our cloud portal, allowing end of month summaries to be produced as needed, without the need to manually note Z report totals at the end of each day. Custom Adaptive can provide ongoing updating of menus and special offers reducing overhead time.