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Ebenezer Baptist Church

Ebenezer Baptist Church found that the building has become too small for the congregation to fit at key events, and due to the closure of all other church buildings in the village, their only option was to overflow into the hall next door. A large screen projector and sound amplifier now bring the church view and sound into the hall effectively extending the church.

It is important to ensure that the full service experience is carried over to the hall, and that those in the hall get to see and join in what is happening live in the main hall

Executive Summary
Custom Adaptive was asked to fit a live link from the main church into the church hall next door. The video link was to handle projected images from power point and also live video feeds from a number of cameras, along with full audio into the church hall, to allow the congregation to overflow. No wires could be used between the sites due to the nature of the granite walls.

Custom Adaptive installed a cost effective high definition video over IP link, audio amplifiers, cameras and networking.

Challenges The walls between the two locations made cabling near impossible, so Custom Adaptive opted for a twin WiFi link. One link running a live high definition uncompressed video stream, and the other link feeding a live audio link.

  • Sound and video were to be streamed live in high definition
  • Easy to manage
  • To include powerpoint projection, organ music and full view of events