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 CCTV Systems

Protection is key, Knowing your back is covered is better than not having it covered at all...

R Kulaga


Closed Circuit Television (cctv)

We all know that security is an issue these days. That's why we have teamed up with one of the worlds top brands to bring you full coverage where its needed. Our expert knowledge in the field will give you the best coverage over your entire site knowing your safe & secure.

CCTV Has been around since the 40's where it was designed for missile management in the armed forces. Today it has been designed and used for a multitude of areas.

Using our knowledge and experience on crime prevention/detection, we will conduct a visual survey and produce a schematic of your site, telling you where the flaws are and how they can be corrected, giving you peace of mind.

Static, Mobile and Patrolling

Various types of cameras for various environments.


Static Cameras - Point and View 

Dome Cameras - 360 degree positional 

PTZ - Pan, Tilt and Zoom

Covert - Hidden Cameras

Stryker - Redeployable Pole Cameras

Quality Is Better

We no longer use or sell old technology to our clients.

BNC Twist connections, if not maintained can go rusty causing connectivity issues.

We only use network connections with better wiring and no unsightly cables.

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