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 Audio Systems

Music is what our feelings sound like...

Vera Farmiga


Speakers Options

Ceiling mounted

Speakers can be mounted in the ceiling, which means that the sound is going from ceiling to floor. The preferred way to get the most even coverage of audio levels is a ceiling-mounted solution. This means that if you play a message it can be clearly heard at any position. However, sometimes a ceiling mounted solution is not possible due to a very solid material of the ceiling, height of the ceiling or obstacles between the ceiling and the floor.

Wall mounted

With wall-mounted speakers the direction of the audio is going from the speaker and straight out in the room. A wall-mounted solution is more cost-efficient than a ceiling-mounted solution, due to the fewer number of speakers required. However, when considering a wall-mounted solution we need to account for the distance the speaker can reach into the room. For a large room, the audio levels in the center of the room might be too low if messages are to be clearly heard at any position.

Outdoor placement

Speakers can be mounted on a wall or pole when used outdoor. In an outdoor solution the spread of audio is better due to less reflections and can often use a fewer number of speakers than an indoor solution.

We will work with you to produce the best quality of sound to cover your entire venue.


Background Music For All Venues

From bars and clubs, to restaurants and retail.

Adding sound to the mix is not only inviting to customers as they enter your premise,

but can break up that uncontrollable silence which nobody cares for. 

Amplifiers, Speakers, Cones and tweeters. Leave the technical side of things to us and we will design a complete package for your business.

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