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Self Service Kiosks

Wall or Podium Mounted


  • Customers quickly enter orders with the intuitive touch screen.

  • Take orders curbside with mobile POS.

  • Securely process credit cards.


Quick Service

  • Streamlined conversational order-taking with upsell items

  • Manage multiple revenue centres (collection, delivery, online)

  • Integrate with online ordering

  • Able to connect to epos and other devices


Staff Management

  • Control staff costs with real-time management.

  • Streamline scheduling with reusable templates.

  • Use forecasted and historical sales to schedule special events, seasons, or peak times.


Gift and Loyalty

  • Offer customised reloadable gift cards.

  • Attract repeat customers with powerful loyalty programs.

  • Reporting – Cloud-Hybrid Solution

  • Easily generate a variety of detailed business driver reports.

  • Receive reports by email or text message at specified times or intervals.

  • Run reports from the cloud at the Enterprise and Store level.

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