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The Lobster Pot Liverpool

lobster pot front of store.jpg

Overall Experience                               9

Years Of Service                                   3

Overall Rating                                      8

Number of Sites                                   2

In a few words

Custom Adaptive has supported us as a business since day one. Lobster Pot Limited is a small chain situated in the heart of Liverpool. 

We own two fish & chip shops with one being in White Chapel and the other in Ranelagh Street. Each with a distinctive feel.  Altogether 5 tills and 13 screens with online and at table ordering are just some of the products we have been supplied which help us grow our business day by day.

Fat Buddha

fatbuddha logo.jpg

Overall Experience                                   9

Years Of Service                                       5

Overall Rating                                         10

Number of Sites                                       2

In a few words

We started off with our first site being in Berkhampsted followed by Maidenhead in 2019. Since joining custom adaptive with our first site we made the decision to role out our new site and to continue with them but take on further addons. They had not only provided our epos but took care of our sound and cctv system too. All in all integration across the board allowing us to run our businesses to the highest expectations.

Lakeside Super Bowl


Overall Experience                                  9

Years Of Service                                      4

Overall Rating                                         8

Number of Sites                                      1

In a few words

Provided great customer service and always there to support us with technical support for our site consisting of eight tills, pdq's, kitchen management & digital signage. Assisting us through thick and thin, giving us the support when things got tricky and sometimes going that extra mile to help us succeed. 

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