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Self Order Kiosks

Custom Adaptive

We're probably the best kept secret in hospitality software. Over the last 8 years, we’ve been busy creating and rolling out the largest number of hospitality, self-serve and touchscreen solutions. We've broken the mould in creating an ordering platform to drive the digital customer journey for fast service restaurant hospitality.

The self-service kiosk seamlessly integrates with your Custom Adaptive ePOS, which helps lower training time and makes the system easier to manage when it’s up and running.

Integrated to back ends One of the most important bits about choosing a Kiosk System is to know what happens after an order is placed. We integrate to a full kitchen management system (for hospitality) to ensure orders are tracked and managed, and also optional queue displays so customers know when their order is ready for pickup.

Increase Average Bill Size Our Self Service Kiosk helps to target and intuitive upsell prompts. Customers are guided through simple order steps to add extra paid options, premimum upgrades, or to make it a large meal deal — helping customers to customize their order to exactly what they want and adding revenue along the way!

Lead the Customer Experience Custom Adaptive Kiosks lets customers place their orders exactly to their liking without any intervention! Customers can take the time they need to over their order choices and ensure that they are getting what they want in a fast, efficient way.