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Future Restaurant 2.0

Restaurant Sector

The Restaurant of the Future will require technology to make the customer experience safer, faster, and more efficient.
The Restaurant of the Future will not have anyone taking orders or payment. The customer will have options to choose what they want, when they want it and then how to pay for it.

The Restaurant of the Future is evolving Consumers want to go out and are looking for ways to socialize. Restaurants remain their best option, but their behaviors have changed, and operators must adjust their operations to reflect these new habits. There is so much opportunity for suppliers to be creative and provide solutions to help! Flexibility:
The Restaurant of the Future will require flexibility within the whole footprint of the space. Things will change over the course of the life of the restaurant and operators will need to be prepared for that. Do you have that flexibility?

Off-Premise & Portability:

Off-premise will continue to grow as a percentage of overall sales. Operators should embrace this change and not fight it. For many restaurants, off-premise became a defensive posture to generate any revenue they could. What they learned is that their consumers have embraced it. It is not meant to replace dine-in, but instead provide quality options to increase frequency and meet the growing consumer demand for frictionless Foodservice. Off-premise has evolved from take-out to a plethora of options to fit each consumer’s specific desires. The Restaurant of the Future will have more than one of these off-premise option: a. Curbside Pick-up b. Curbside Delivery to Outside Tables c. Drive-Through Pick-up d. Walk-up Pick-up e. Delivery To execute Off-Premise effectively, the menu items will need to be portable which combines the right food and the right packaging. Serving below-standard food for Off-premise dining is a stop gap and ultimately only those who flawlessly execute will be able to maintain and grow this business. The size of the Off-premise menu should be sufficient to satisfy customer’s cravings, but at the same time be simple enough to execute flawlessly.

Staffing and Roles Doing more with less will be the mantra of the Restaurant of the Future. There cannot be excess staff and the team will need to be cross-trained to be able to execute with precision and efficiency. A great team member will be rewarded based upon station certifications and their level of productivity and adherence to brand culture. With the elimination of order taking and payment, the operation becomes simpler. The layout of the restaurant will allow for opening and closing of stations based upon levels of business. A brand ambassador can be appointed for each shift to communicate with guests and staff, make sure that safety and sanitation are in play and fill in anywhere that there is a bottleneck. They will be certified in each station.

New Ways to Drive Revenue/P&L Management Revenue opportunities for operators continue to evolve. Where it used to be dine-in or take-out, there is a whole new world to drive sales, but it requires forward thinking and avoiding going back to “what was”. Optimization of the physical space and cross-functional staff throughout the day will produce the greatest rewards. Off-premise is here to stay, but there are twists to make off-premise more inviting. Curbside delivery to outside tables is a great option. Imagine a seating area where there is a movie, culinary presentation or musician entertaining your guests and they sit at a picnic table with barriers and they place and pay for their order and have it delivered to your table number. Frictionless dining outside with entertainment and a limited bar menu along with hands free amenities. There is a lot of potential in the Restaurant of the Future.