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Theatres, Venues & Stadium

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Theatres, Venues & Stadium

Custom Adaptive offers Theatres, Venues & Stadium an EPoS system module allows Theater, Venue & Stadium Management to operate with touch screen tills to allow rapid sales of goods e.g. at bars, coffee shops, restaurants and your club shop.

All modules are fully configurable by the venue and can be organised into departments and groups. The till layout and button colours are also fully configurable. Every system is built with your growth in mind only pay for what you use.

All of this powerful technology will help your service run smoothly and without unwelcome surprises – which both your guests and staff will thank you for. Maximizing efficiency of service also enables tables to be turned more rapidly, the most obvious way to increase income in any busy restaurant. EPoS Technology.

People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Products can have options with different prices e.g. Cappuccino – Tall, Grande, Venti. Products can have user enterable information such as shirts bought in the shop may have a customer’s name printed on them. Tabs can be added when adding items to a bill.

Combine this with Custom Adaptive's innovative Marketing & Loyalty, and you have the business tools that will enable you to communicate with your customers, offer discounts to members, plus implement incentive scheme to staff whereby they are rewarded when certain targets are met; the results will be impressive - increased bar revenues, happier staff, and a more profitable venue!